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Dec 24, 2016. 3.1 Source surfaces; 3.2 Draw targets. Once the Azure project is completed— that is, all the backends have been. The Thebes API wrapped the Cairo graphics library which uses a stateful. If you get an error about surfaceview.h not being found when. This page has been accessed 14,195 times.

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CairoStatus is used to indicate errors that can occur when using Cairo. In some. Error while reading from input stream. Target surface has been finished.

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Returns: The current font object. Can return Null on out-of-memory or if the context is already in an error state. This object is owned by cairo. target surface has been finished. Cairo_status_surface_type_mismatch.

cairo.Surface | Returns: the current reference count of surface. – ; cairo_surface_t is the abstract type representing all different drawing targets that cairo can render to. cairo_status_t status. (); Checks whether an error has previously occurred for this surface. After calling cairo_surface_finish() the only valid operations on a surface are getting and setting.

Error handling — Decoding cairo's status. Cairo's error handling is designed to be easy to use and safe. All major cairo. target surface has been finished.

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To draw with cairo, you create a <cairo> , set the target surface, and drawing. result can be a "nil" surface if cr is already in an error state, (ie. cairo-status ' !=. returned object and should call cairo-pattern-destroy when finished with it. ( The surface origin is its upper-left corner before any transformation has been applied.).

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<cairo-surface> is the abstract type representing all different drawing targets that cairo. a pointer to a "nil" surface if other is already in an error state or any other error occurs. The semantics of subsurfaces have not been finalized yet unless the. After calling cairo-surface-finish the only valid operations on a surface are.

Cairo::Context is the main object used when drawing with Cairo. You can query for this capability with "Cairo::HAS_FT_FONT". To actually use this, you'll need the Font::FreeType module. $surface->finish.

In the mean time, it is safe to call all cairo functions normally even if the underlying object is in an error status. target surface has been finished. Cairo_status_surface_type_mismatch. the surface type is not appropriate for the operation.

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