C++ Linker Errors

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So, I’m getting the infamously horrible "undefined reference to ‘vtable." error for the following code (The class in question is CGameModule.) and I cannot for the.

30620 – Android AOT: Error setting up ISupportMenuItemInvoker. – Jun 20, 2017. -mono-eh-frame-symbol=mono_aot_Xamarin_Android_Support_v4_eh_frame -relocation-model=pic -filetype=obj -o "temp-llvm.o" "temp.opt.bc" 1>[aot-compiler stdout] Error setting up ISupportMenuItemInvoker class vtable 1>[aot-compiler stdout] 1>[aot-compiler stdout] 1>[aot-compiler stderr] 1>Could.

[link error] undefined reference to `vtable. [link error] undefined reference to `vtable. For more complete information about compiler optimizations,

Other options are passed on to one stage of processing. Some options control the preprocessor and others the compiler itself. Yet other options control the assembler and linker; most of these are not documented here, since you rarely.

Jun 2, 2016. For some reason when I implement the constructor for my own class somPanel ( derived from wxPanel) I get the error: undefined reference to `vtable for somPanel'. Here is my code: Code: Select all. SetMenuBar(menuBar); } /* THIS IS THE PART WHAT COMPILER (MinGW) IS COMPLAINING ABOUT */

Template code is hard to read, slow to compile, and very difficult to debug due to incredibly long and cryptic compiler error messages. The compiler may need to store the address of the function body, the offset to the correct base (multiple inheritance), the index of another offset in the vtable (virtual inheritance), and maybe.

Undefined reference to 'vtable for. At my first method definition, a default constructor, the compiler kept spitting out this error message:

When you upgrade to a new version of the Visual C++ compiler, you might encounter compilation and/or runtime errors in code that previously compiled and ran correctly.

At compilation time, when compiler sees the definition of a class with virtual methods, it will build a virtual table (vtable) for the class, which is an array of function. Compiler generates code to do dynamic binding using the vtable. Thus the address of Base3's vtable is lost, and error will cause the program to be shut down:.

I was getting the following error compiling an iPhone project. Anybody know how I may fix it? "vtable for oned::MultiFormatUPCEANReader", referenced from.

So, I'm getting the infamously horrible "undefined reference to 'vtable." error for the following code. See the example below to avoid the vtable compiler error:

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