C-32 Const qualifier

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C++ error: passing xxx as 'this' argument of xxx discards qualifiers. 0. error: passing 'const' as 'this' argument discards qualifiers. Hot Network Questions

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Feb 15, 2009. By letting you call it there, the compiler would let you modify a const variable without an explicit cast, which C++ is not supposed to allow. Therefore to explain the error message: test.cpp:15: error: passing 'const testing' as 'this' argument of ' int testing::test()' discards qualifiers. this refers to the object the.

error: passing `const.' as `this' argument of `.' discardsqualifiers. C / C++ Forums on Bytes. 421,529 Members. discards qualifiers

. ' as `this' argument of `.' discards qualifiers Showing 1-5 of 5 messages. error: passing `const. my compiler give my the error. error: passing `const.

253 driver.cpp passing `const Person' as `this' argument of. discard qualifiers error using overloaded operator – 7 replies; passing const as this discards.

May 26, 2012. When you call a method via a pointer to an object, this object is implicitly passed to the method as this pointer. c probably has type const Cache*. Since method write is not declared as const , it has non-const this pointer accessible from its body requiring const qualifier of c to be discarded.

Passing `const' as `this' argument of `' discards. Passing `const' as `this' argument of `' discards qualifiers. error: passing `const Person' as `this.

What’s the difference between char* name which points to a constant string literal, and const char* name

Sep 29, 2013. The error message tells you that you that you are casting of const from your object in operator< function. You should add const to all member functions that don't modify member. bool operator<(const stockType& stock) const // ^^^^^ { return (symbols < stock.symbols) }. The reason why compiler complains.

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Nov 16, 2014. Your hi method is not declared as const inside your A class. Hence, the compiler cannot guarantee that calling a.hi() will not change your constant reference to a , thus it raises an error. You can read more about constant member functions here and correct usage of the const keyword here.

. error: passing 'const testing' as 'this' argument of. ' discards qualifiers. compiler says "passing const as this argument discards.

how to sort this vector including pairs. c++,vector. You forgot the return statement in the function bool func(const pair<int,pair<int,int> >&i , const pair<int,pair.

error: passing 'const.' as 'this' argument of '…' discards qualifiers in. – Nov 17, 2014. Since sayhi() is const , then all functions it calls must also be declared const , in this case hello() and world(). Your compiler is warning you about your const- correctness.

Apr 30, 2014  · Line 4: anEntry is described as const. Therefore you can’t assign anything to it. Line 4: You’re subscripting out of bounds.

7.3.8 Const ARGUMENTS. s); The qualifier const tells the compiler that the function should not modify the argument. The compiler will generate an error when this condition is violated. This type of declaration is significant only when.

1. What is the difference between declaration and definition? Answer: Definition means where a variable or function is defined in reality and actual memory is.

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