WoW UI tips - How to hide the error frame (spell is not ready etc)

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6.1 Error suppress macro – World of Warcraft Forums – World of Warcraft Arena. Forums UI and Macro 6.1 Error suppress macro. Disabling the error messages does nothing to prevent the seriously annoying.

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This is just like the one above but with an added tooltip that matches the original skill, and doesn't disable sound for the skill's error messages. Sound and error messages for the trinket use are still suppressed though. If you set the name of the macro to a blank space,

I'm trying to find a way to turn off wow's default display telling you "spell not ready yet" and other such messages. I did a search and people said.

Attackers spammed messages claiming that the victim had their World of Warcraft account compromised in the.

Sounds more like you are trying to troubleshoot addon errors. This would be best fitted for our UI and Macro forums. The answer you would get from the Technical Support forums is to do a UI reset and try updating the addons. >,< Moving this for you so you can get the proper help you are looking for!

World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Turn Off Error Text UI and Macro. Esc>MoveAnything>Search "Error Message">Click the Mover>Click the Hide>Unclick.

Apr 11, 2015. Disable the sound for error text from within the games system settings. An addon that allows you to choose which error texts you wish to remove may be a better option for you. (It is hosted here, but not updated. so I linked to the updated version on Curse).

I got some lua error message with this addon. The error occurs. After this error message, ToT frame is dismissed and player portrait remains at position of pet frame in default unit frame. Although. Its not removed i use it via a macro ,was hoping this would work so i wouldnt have to use macro everytime i logged it. Rollback.

Macro Command to remove error text and sound? Macro Help. UIErrorsFrame:UnregisterEvent("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE. Disable the sound for error text from within the.

Suppress messages – Macro. Is there a way to suppress that message because I know, ("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE") >> > /cast Vampiric Touch >> > >>

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Suppressing error messages & sounds in macros – World of. – World of Warcraft Arena World. Suppressing error messages & sounds in macros. the character limit and it's a lot of fuss just to hide and mute errors,

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